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Seregost - Halls Of A Nameless King

Halls Of A Nameless King
Halls Of A Nameless King
1. Through the Darkwood
2. Silent Stands the Stronghold
3. Ominous Enclave
4. Mysteries in Ancient Texts
5. Chapel to a Forgotten God
6. Hidden Passages Reveal
7. Halls of a Nameless King
8. Relic of Sorcerous Might
9. Behold, the Warlord
10. Ancient Magicks Stir
Total Time
November 19, 2018
Additional Details
Halls of a Nameless King is the journey of a man into the halls of a forgotten castle. Known only as The Wanderer, our protagonist discovers the hidden mysteries of the castle, fighting demon and brigand as he makes his way to an ancient treasure of fearsome power, and a tome of hellish evil.
November 19, 2018
November 19, 2018
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