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Visions of Ulnahar - The Golden Age

The Golden Age
The Golden Age
1. Vimanas
2. Golden Chariot of the Star Gods
3. Xibalba... Quicrixcac
4. Apophis
5. Vimanas II
6. Endless Space
7. Pleidian Child
Total Time
December 11, 2017
Additional Details
This album is dedicated to the ancient believes of an highly advanced race of Star People who have visited planet Earth aeons ago. The Annunaki.
The songs are pieces of a greater puzzle even the most sophisticated minds of mankind have not yet discovered.
It is important to read and understand the riddle which coveres human history like a veil.

This album and most of all the last two tracks are dedicated to my only true love who came from the stars.
December 11, 2017
December 11, 2017
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