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Tir - The Vanished Civilization of Xattoth

The Vanished Civilization of Xattoth
The Vanished Civilization of Xattoth
1. The Cruel Sun of Zula
2. The Depths of a Parched Soil
3. A Civilization Buried by Centuries
4. At the Ruined Temple
5. The Evil Cult of Xattoth
6. The Crack the Whips
7. Desperate, but Alive
8. An Oasis: Mirage or Reality?
9. The Totem and the Jewel
10. The Gathering of the Zombi-Tigers
11. Awakening from a Millennial Rest
12. The Eyes of the Tiger
13. The Nightmare Is Over
Total Time
November 28, 2019
Additional Details
What is the meaning of "horror"? Maybe the sense of horror rise from the encounter with what is not human, with a reality that is "beyond". The protagonist of this adventure faces a fatal encounter with the unexplicable and, in the moment in which the horror seems to overwhelm him, he awakens from a magical sleep and has the feeling that everything he so vividly has lived has never happened...


"The Zula desert is a rocky, dry and sun-scorched plateau. It is a desolate land, where only coriaceous bushes, shaken by evening winds, can grow. Over the centuries, a road was built to allow commercial caravans to cross harsh rocky peaks. Overcoming the Ghora pass after a long week of march, it is now possible to reach the poor villages of the ocean coast from the rich inland capital, the city of Birazny.

Looking for adventure and money, you proposed yourself as a mercenary to guard a caravan of merchants along the journey on this difficult route. The desert tribes are very dangerous for those carrying precious goods such as water, wine, spices and precious metals. Lately, however, you feel that they are not as active as they were once: you believe that it will be a quiet mission.

Soon your adventure takes an unexpected turn: just near the Ghora pass, the caravan is overwhelmed by a strong sandstorm. A natural event of incredible violence: a raging wind makes the horses run wild and raises sand and soil from the ground. When, with your hands on your face, you see a man pushed away by a brutal whirlwind, you think it could be an event of magical origin. Hit in the head by something unidentified, you are thrown down a cliff and lose consciousness.

You wake up painfully, lying poised on a narrow steep path, on the side of a canyon. A dry, lopsided tree trunk miraculously saved you from a deadly fall to the bottom of the cliff. You thank the gods that you are still alive, but soon you realize you are alone, with very little food and water and with no idea of where you are. You understand that your real adventure begins just now: you must survive and reach the road that will bring you back alive to Birazny, the capital of the southern lands. Your home town".


Dungeon-synth musicians draws its inspiration from many musical genres: black metal, folk, dark ambient, minimal synth, kraut rock and classical symphonic music... About this amazing amazing album, the most obvious influence seems to come from the soundtracks of the 1950s kolossal movies (Quo Vadis, The Ten Commandments, Ben Hur) and from the compositions of the great Basil Poledouris (Conan the Barbarian, Robocop, The Hunt for Red October): the dungeon-synth by Tir, a turkish musician from Istanbul, is epic, magniloquent, but also full of mystery and sense of wonder.

We entrusted TIR with the soundtrack of a module for fantasy RPG written by us and entitled "The vanished civilization of Xattoth"...

Music & Recordings by Oytun BektaƟ
Recorded in Spring 2019 in Istanbul, Turkey
Enjoy Oytun's amazing music at: www.tirofficial.bandcamp.com
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Maps by Paths Peculiar (Niklas Wistedt).
Enjoy Niklas amazing works at: www.wistedt.net
Cassette - Hdk 45
November 28, 2019
November 28, 2019
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