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Synth Bard - Beyond The Crystal Cave

Beyond The Crystal Cave
Beyond The Crystal Cave
1. To Sybarate by Sea
2. Rumors About Town
3. Before the Mouth of the Cave
4. Answers in the Echoes
5. The Haunted Caravan
6. Dance of the Mudmen
7. Glitters in the Darkness
8. The Crystal Cave
9. The Chamber Behind the Falls
10. The Fairy Ring
11. Leprechaun Jig
12. Song of the Dryads
13. Satyr Soliloquy
14. Dragons in the Endless River
15. Garden Caverns
16. The Fountain of Forgetting
17. Pixie Woods
18. Strange Oaks
19. An Unwelcomed Interruption
20. Centaur Games
21. Unicorn Meadow
22. Rose Arbors
23. The Water Palace
24. Magic Mazes
25. The Gatehouse
26. The Walled Garden
27. Corner Bowers
28. Entrance Porch
29. Entrance Hall
30. Orlando and Juliana's Room
31. Hamish and Argus Rush In
32. The Sculpture Gallery
33. Rooftop Gardens
34. Tomb of Caerwyn and Porpherio
35. Epilogue
Total Time
May 17, 2019
Additional Details
Synth Bard's second soundtrack to a classic Dungeons and Dragons Module. Included is a 24 page booklet providing additional descriptions.

Every booklet sold plants one tree through onetreeplanted.org

Music by Synth Bard
Art by Dominique Rose
All music realized on a Kawai K1m
Cd 3X
May 17, 2019
May 17, 2019
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