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Slime Golem - The Short but Touching Tale of Slime Golem

The Short but Touching Tale of Slime Golem
The Short but Touching Tale of Slime Golem
1. Swamp Crawling (A Golem Out of Clay Emerges from the Banks of the Ulkah River)
2. You Have Summoned the Slime Golem! (Master in Awe of His Creation)
3. The Bestowing of Emet (...Such Is Your Task)
4. Forest Walk (Observing Life Itself for the First Time)
5. Hands of Mud and Bone (A Horrid Act Committed)
6. The Golem Wept (A Unique Experience of Sadness and Self-Awareness)
7. "I Am Appalled by This Human-Like Form!" (Golem Turns Against Its Maker)
8. What Piece of Work Is Man to Need a Lesser Being for Slave? (Golem Escapes)
9. Prima Materia (Return to the Green and Slimy Vastitude)
10. Unbinding (The Creature Knows Peace)
Total Time
April 10, 2020
Additional Details
Slime Golem -The Short But Touching Tale Of Slime Golem
Athens,Greece 2020.

Cassette Tape & Comic Zine Date Release : TBA

A horror-audio narrative about the unfortunate and dismal spawn of a Golem.
From the banks of the Ulkah River an animated creature of clay and slime emerges after it has been summoned by its Maker. In great awe of the mute creature of no will, the Master bestows the Emet on its forehead so as to propel it into doing his horrible biddings. The creature is assigned a task, and that is murder(!), so it makes its way through the forest into the nearby town of Emberdrift.
After committing the unspeakable act, a sudden wave of sadness overwhelms the creature, making this the first ever emotion it experienced! The Golem is now sentient it has become self-aware along with the ability to talk and control its mass at its own will. Appalled by the concept of slavery, its human-like form and all things humane it will turn against its Maker, restrain him and escape, only for to return to the green and slimey vastitude it knows as home.
This great work of sorcery and mysticism is finally unbound and the sad Golem that rebelled against his master and refused to exist in a human-looking vessel is now free to experience peace and serenity under the slimy waterline of Ulkah River.

Diy home-recording, April 2020 during global pandemic on the:
Moog Grandmother, Moog Slim Phatty, Teenage Engineering Op-1, Korg Minilogue Xd, Teenage Engineering Op-Z, Mellotron, Yamaha Yc, Korg Micropreset M500, Dreadbox Nyx

Mix,Mastering and Artwork by Slime Golem
Released on April 10th 2020 at Wyrm Lodge Records Net Label
Facebook Link : www.facebook.com/wyrmlodge/
Some Rights Reserved.
April 10, 2020
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