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Racconti del focolare
Racconti del focolare
1. Negli occhi di una chiromante
2. I fuochi di Beltane
3. Un'armatura splendente sotto la luna d'argento
4. Eternia
5. Filastrocca dell'impiccato
6. Perdersi nella neve
7. Dungeon lullaby
Total Time
January 1, 2019
Additional Details
the song "Negli occhi di una chiromante" was previously released in the Heimat Der Katastrophe compilation "Tales from the inn at the edge of the world".

the song "Un'armatura splendente sotto la luna d'argento" was previously released with English title "A shining armor under the silver moonlight" in the Dungeons & Catacombs VI compilation.
January 1, 2019
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