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Sidereal Fortress - Among the Ruins (2017-2020)

Among the Ruins (2017-2020)
Among the Ruins (2017-2020)
1. When the World Was Young (remix)
2. A Winter Refuge (remix)
3. Ages Undreamed Of
4. Ask the Faries... (alternative cut)
5. I Found a Passage to Arcadia (remix)
6. Blood of Russia
7. Gate to the Enchanted Woods
8. The Forgotten Tomb of Yshnak
9. Return of the Cube!
10. Moonchild
11. Prisoners of an Unknown Dimension (alternative cut)
12. Retreat to the Ruined Fortress (impromptu)
13. Where Dreams Fade Away
Total Time
January 24, 2020
Additional Details
Anthologic album featuring remixes and alternative cuts of old songs, b-sides, and 6 previously unreleased studio outtakes.

"Moonchild" is a cover of King Crimson's classic tune, 1969.
January 24, 2020
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