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Rog - Delvers

1. Endless Realms
2. Curiosity
3. Delver's Will
4. River of Light
5. Inspiration
6. Dolmei's Archives
7. With Steady Step, Forward
8. Forgotten Pathways
9. Approaching the Bastion
10. Something Lost to Time
11. Fortitude
12. World Rift
Total Time
July 7, 2020
Additional Details
Venture deep into the abyss - below the great world rift where rivers of light flow through the hollow earth and its hallowed gardens and forgotten ruins, crystal caverns and tranquil streams, strongholds of hollow knights and arcane bastions. Delvers who tread these forlorn places have no homes, only personal vendettas and mysteries to seek and uncover, whether alone or with trusty companions, on journeys long and dreary.

Cover art by Thomas Scholes.
Cassette - Am-0098
January 17, 2021
July 7, 2020
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Rog - Delvers
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