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RævJäger - The Tale Of Axe & Torch

The Tale Of Axe & Torch
The Tale Of Axe & Torch
1. Let's a Little Bit of Planeswalk
2. Be a Trickster!
3. Torchkeeper's Path
4. In Dwarven Patrol
5. Axe & Torch
6. Follow the Masked Man
7. Lost in the Maze
8. Battle with the Stone Guard
9. Escape from the Mushroom Dungeon
10. Alone in the Endless Dungeon
Total Time
November 5, 2015
Additional Details
Now the time for fairytale adventure with Planeswalker RævJäger the Trickster in a Dungeon Plane "Attira". In searching of ancient artifact - D20 Throne of Imagination, wich helps us build us our own Worlds.
So... Let's a little bit Planeswalk!

Inspired by oldschool game music, dungeon and dragons sessions and magic of the synths.

All ideas, music and storyline by RævJäger
November 5, 2015
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