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Quest Master - Lost Songs Of Distant Realms: Volume Two

Lost Songs Of Distant Realms: Volume Two
Lost Songs Of Distant Realms: Volume Two
1. Sonata of the Twilight Butterflies
2. Glimmering Orbs of Prophecy
3. The Spectral Glow of the Silkworm Domain
4. The Sunken Citadel of Eldreach
5. Reflective Pools in the Cavern of Azure Splendour
6. Flowing Rivers of Wyvern Tears from the Aqueous Palace
7. The Four Stages of the Equinox
8. Ascending the Crystalline Steps of the Starlight Temple
9. Bellowing Trumpets of the Subterranean Fortress
10. The Eternal Raindrops of the Gloomvale Woods
11. Faerie Gardens of the Castle Grounds
12. The Choking Mist of Gwelden Cemetery
13. Brisk Winds of New Dawn's Harvest
14. Gregorian Chants Piercing Through the Towering Cathedrals of Helmstone City
15. The Shrouded Pathways of the Steel Spired Keep
16. A Scholar's Passage to the Grand Archives of Wisdom
17. Blossoming Roses at the Memorial of the Conquered
18. Desolation at the Ruins of the Crestfallen Hills
19. The Old Graves of the Monarch's Hold
20. Stillness in the Sanctuary of Giants
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August 23, 2019
Additional Details
Written and recorded by Lord Gordith

Released as double album with Volume I through Out Of Season.
August 23, 2019
Cassette ‎– Oos91
August 22, 2019
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