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Pafund - The Grim Abbot

The Grim Abbot
The Grim Abbot
1. The Arrival
2. The Owlbear Inn
3. Mysteries of an Ancient Church
4. Old Graveyard
5. The Grim Abbot
6. Secrets Revealed
7. The Beyond
Total Time
October 31, 2020
Additional Details
Upsetting mysteries lurk in the basement of the church in Stenfeld, a peaceful hilltop village. Bold and confident, you traveled there to find out if the legendary treasure of the Grim Abbot really exists or is just a silly legend. But in Stenfeld fate will hold you a chilling surprise ...

By pressing "play" on your cassette player you will be shrouded in mist, autumn melancholia and wet cold; you will learn about ancient and morbid stories of nercofilia and black magic, you will be led into a burial dungeon, home to unspeakable horrors. You will be transported to dark medieval times, where the lines between superstition and truth are blurred.


PAFUND built the soundtrack of this quest with utmost care: his dungeon-synth is devoted to the masters of the past, and is capable of painting the autumnal, gloomy and decadent atmospheres that we lovers of this kind of music we are looking for.

The Grim Abbot cassette includes a 20-page illustrated booklet, something between a novel and a form usable for a fantasy RPG campaign. Enjoy the music, enjoy the adventure!
Cassette (Hdk 69)
October 31, 2020
October 31, 2020
Digital (Hdk 69)
October 31, 2020
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