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Mimico - It's Dead

It's Dead
It's Dead
1. Abyssal
2. The Lost Summer
3. For the Throne
4. It's Dead
Total Time
February 11, 2020
Additional Details
"It’s Dead” is the debut EP from Spanish dungeon synth project, Mimico. Mimico is the brainchild of Kilian Leon, known for his sludgy atmo-black project Cult of Flesh. On “It’s Dead” Leon puts aside tremolo picking and death growls to create an all-enveloping Berlin-school inspired synth triumph. In just four songs, Mimico covers a lot of ground: from the wistful electro textures found on “Abyssal”, to the percussion heavy movements of “The Lost Sinner”, and finally at rest with the distortion soaked organ-forward dirges of “For the Throne” and title track “It’s Dead”. Even with its wandering movements, “It’s Dead” is a cohesive journey, a beautifully orchestrated debut held together by Leon’s adept hands.
February 22, 2020
February 11, 2020
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