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Kastronata Prototype - The Night of the Blind Terror

The Night of the Blind Terror
The Night of the Blind Terror
1. Hooded Menace
2. Waving Dolls
3. Looking for a Heartbeat
4. Entering the Doors of Death
5. La Tomba
6. Thief of Poison
7. Hvyrnic Erefaras
8. The Stench Lurker
9. Are You Blind Yet?
10. The Final Doom Is Here
11. Tharac Hutezch Tas!
12. The Quietness of Light
Total Time
March 20, 2019
Additional Details
"This is how 8-bit noises blended with Amando de Ossorio's cult-classic movie "Tomb of the Blind Dead" would have sounded."

Written and recorded in 2019/03/20

All music performed by Fredrik Appelgren and Björn Holmer.

Artwork by T.N. Design
March 20, 2019
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