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Fvrfvr - Tales From The Emerald Kingdom

Tales From The Emerald Kingdom
Tales From The Emerald Kingdom
1. Tales from the Emerald Kingdom
2. Road to the Edge of the World
3. Ancient Titans
4. The Elves Wept
5. A Magikal Pact
6. The Pyres of Cannibal Island
7. Three for the Six
8. Leviathan
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September 24, 2019
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There is an Emerald Kingdom far to the north, beyond The Golden City, and over the Iron Mountains; This realm is rich in beauty. The trees are ancient and tall, the rivers clean and clear, the ocean teeming with life. All manner of strange beings and creatures inhabit this wondrous place.

For eons, the inhabitants of this green oasis have lived, struggled, and died without any regard for what existed beyond the extremities of their protected home. Strangers have now appeared from all directions heralding that the outside has found them. Now they must choose to push back against potential invaders... or embrace new friendships.

Dedicated to Devon.

All music by Lord Cervos.

Cover Photo was taken by Sarah Cox on the Avenue Of The Giants.

Recorded on a Roland Juno-6, Korg MS20 Mini, Yamaha Reface DX, Arturia DrumBrute, and a contemptible old Jackson guitar.
all rights reserved
September 24, 2019
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