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Forgotten Kingdoms - Untrodden Paths Forever Winding

Untrodden Paths Forever Winding
Untrodden Paths Forever Winding
1. Untrodden Paths Forever Winding
2. Forgotten Kingdoms
3. A Sombre Farewell to the Dead
4. Crowned in Forlorn Darkness
5. Tales of Great Beasts from Below the Depths
6. A Cold Wind Blods Through the Grove
7. Haunted by the Owls of Lose Hope
8. Visions of a Home Never to Be Seen Again
9. Never Steal from a Witch...
Total Time
January 1, 2022
Additional Details
Compilation of Forgotten Kingdoms demos never released before on CD format, including:

Demo I
Demo II - "Crowned in Forlorn Darkness"
Demo III - "Witches Grove" (previously unreleased)

Dungeon Synth Darkness with that unique Forgotten Kingdoms atmosphere and the more sombre haunting unreleased "Witches Grove" demo, deepening the lore of the Kingdoms.

Forgotten Kingdoms will forever remain the sonic Portal to another world, a true Black Magick realm, one unsullied by the modern stench of the world... It exists within itself and only ever will... The Gate is open to those who follow the Untrodden Paths Forever Winding...
January 1, 2022
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