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Erythrite Throne - In the Age of Medieval Sorcery

In the Age of Medieval Sorcery
In the Age of Medieval Sorcery
1. As We Read from the Tomes of Night
2. Casting Forbidden Spells
3. A Hymn to Uldor
4. Standing at the Gates of Mourning
5. Traversing Desolate Crypts
6. Barbaric Chants
7. The Lichs Cauldron
8. Awakened from the Dreamless Sleep
9. In Forests of Dusk
10. Beheading the Great Wizard
Total Time
May 1, 2020
Additional Details
This album was performed under the light of the full moon & was recorded on a Roland Juno-DS straight to tape. In the Age of Medieval Sorcery is dedicated to the old ways.

Artwork by Christopher Albert Castillo Diaz (Artem Astaroth)
May 1, 2020
May 1, 2020
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