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Erythrite Throne - Eternity in the Obsidian Cave

Eternity in the Obsidian Cave
Eternity in the Obsidian Cave
1. Into the Obsidian Cave
2. Wall of Moss & Crystal
3. Consumed by Time
4. Glare of the Dying Flame
5. Three Paths
6. Twisted Trail of the Left Hand Path
7. March Onwards Into the Deeper Dungeon
8. Light Beyond the Waterfall
9. Hope at the Granite Doors
10. Eternity in the Obsidian Cave
Total Time
March 7, 2020
Additional Details
"A black cave shines bright through a sea of dead trees, illuminated by the light of the pale moon, it whispers your name. The entrance is covered in symbols and carvings, they fill you with a sense of fear as you enter the eternal maze though the entrance of the cave. Walls of crystal & moss bound by time, how long has this place been here? You stray deeper & deeper into the darkness, the glare of the dying flame is so familiar yet so unknown. You reach a fork in the road as you journey through the cave, You stray to the left hand path and it takes you deeper into the depths of this dungeon. Everything is starting to blend together, it all looks the same, until you see it.. The light of a fading flame screams hope just beyond a crimson waterfall, salvation as you reach what looks to be an exit! You feel a great sense of hope at these large granite doors. Towering black doors, so large & heavy, they looked as tho they were built by giants. Covered in the familiar moss, they look like they've been here since the dawn of time. Could this be it? Have you finally reached the end? Can you finally feel the warmth of the sun on your skin again? You use what strength you have left to force open the towering black doors after what feels like an eternity wandering this dreadful maze. PUSH! PUSH! PUSH! FINALLY! They finally open & you collapse with relief, but you don’t feel it. There is no fresh air, there is no warmth, there is no sign of light.. instead you find yourself back where you first started... familiar walls of crystal & moss, bound by time. You are a part of it now, you are bound by time. You are trapped in this purgatory, there is no escape from the obsidian cave... "
Cassette - Am-0070
March 7, 2020
March 7, 2020
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