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Druad - Eternity Crowns the Wanderer

Eternity Crowns the Wanderer
Eternity Crowns the Wanderer
1. Horizon Legacy
2. The Silver Stream
3. Vigilant Remnants of Fate
4. Light's Silent Trespass
5. Once Enshrined
6. The Wind, the Firstborn
7. Eternity Crowns the Wanderer
Total Time
July 28, 2021
Additional Details
Hidden, yet remaining...
In dreams, the ruin witnesses
the arrival of wind once more...

Steps taken, into eternity...
The trail followed onward
through the woods and over mountains...

Now the stone and the sky
The wind and the wanderer
Shall be crowned...
Shall be king...
Shall be one...

All music and artwork by L.

Recorded and mastered in 2021.
July 28, 2021
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July 28, 2021
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