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Borja - Antediluvian

1. Within Tenebrous Chambers (Lies The Raving Beast)
2. Altar Of The Bloodmoon Ritual
3. Mournful Hymns for the Departed
4. Summoning Emperor Ghadius
5. A Trembling Light In The Murky Vale
6. Where Dreams Fade To Ashes
7. Under the Eyes of The Serpent
8. Forsaken Anima
9. The Raven Maiden
10. Behelit (Cassette Exclusive Bonus Track)
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November 16, 2020
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Novaria, Era V. The Old King Has Fallen.

Darkness has drowned this world in despair. Everything is lost.
A ritual is happening,hymns and chants are whispered in the darkest chambers beneath.
The Emperor of Nightmares, a primitive anima, will awaken to devour all.
An enormous figure with a black cloak rising from his fabled tomb,once the ritual is complete.
His glowing red eyes ,under a white pale mask, betrayed his darkest ambitions.
A despised entity.

It is done.
Emperor of Nightmares, Ghadius, has awakened.
Summoned from the darkest places imaginable, he roams freely in this world.
Accompanied by his ardent followers,he spread fear and despair everywhere, cursing this land into an endless mischief.
All hope seems meaningless.The Great Entity has conquered all.
Or has he?

A prophecy was foretold, that if the Emperor was to ever be unleashed upon these lands, only one with a pure heart ,armed with the
raven mask, can destroy him.
The legend says that you must find the Black Serpent with Eyes of Blue, in order to guide you to the hidden place of the mask, that is, if you prove
yourself worthy.
The Serpent lives in the vale of Ashen Dreams, a place only known in legends and tales spoken through the ages.
It is uncertain if it even exists..

One windy night, a great white light felt from the sky.
Whilst Ghadius was searching for more to follow his reign of terror, a yound lass saw the light from her cracked window and followed it,
while trying to hide from the Emperor's trusty men who were scouting the area.
She ran to the place where the light ends,throught a murky and ominous valley,and she witnessed the Black Serpent.
Only to realise...it was a statue.
The Serpent statue had huge blue eyes,looking straight at her,and then a mechanism went off and the Serpent opened its mouth to reveal the mask.
It was a grey mask in a shape of a raven's face and on the inside it was engraved with a old text,unable for her to read :

"Ahhai throdog ehye hup nafl'fhtagn h' fhtagn
uh'eor orr'e ahf' ah'f'nah mg ngahnah nor mgvulgtnahor
ahor wear fahf n'ghft'drn ng deliver emperor
back l' h' mgepmgvulgtlagln realm ot fhtagnshoggg"

The girl took the mask and went to face Ghadius, who has returned to the Castle of the Old King,claiming his throne.
Passing throught the Nightmare Guards, she came face to face with the Great Entity.
Ghadius mocked the girl with a demented laugh,as he prepared to kill her.
Then the girl wore the mask and the old text was revealed in a language she could understand,since she was worthy to wear it :

"When the Great One awakens from his sleep
Only a soul who bears no harm nor evil
Can wear this mask and deliver the Emperor
Back to his Cursed Realm of Nightmares "

She read the text outloud and stared into the Emperor's glowing red eyes.
The Emperor screamed in agony and perished in flames ,leaving behind his burned cloak.
It was over.Ghadius was no more.The Raven Maiden did it.

For Novaria.
For all of us.
January 3, 2021
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