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Barak Tor - March of the Triumphator

March of the Triumphator
March of the Triumphator
1. Against the Scarlet Moon a Fortress Rises
2. The Order of the Pale Dragon
3. With Axe and Sword and Ravenous Might
4. March of the Triumphator
5. In the Land of Darkness and Eternal Night
6. The Wanderer, the Warrior and the Phoenix Song
7. Flags of Dominion Waving Under Fiery Skies
8. I En Svart Kiste (Satyricon Cover)
Total Time
April 27, 2017
Additional Details
Composed and recorded during winter and spring of 2016 by Barbarian Wraith King.

Paintings and art by Abigor Mugerza.
Logo and shield by Wappenschmied.
April 27, 2017
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Beautifully Barbaric
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October 22, 2020
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