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Wyvernsnout - Forgotten Stories

Forgotten Stories
Forgotten Stories
1. Marcher dans l'Allée des Pendus
2. Black Citadel
3. Mother of all Tears
4. The Little Girl and The Flowers
5. Lord Vilius, The Vampire Gentleman
6. Edelweiss
7. La Ballade du Chevalier Manchot
8. The Black Dragon
9. Glorb, The Goatcheese-Making Goblin
10. Les Naufragés de L'Ile de Khaern Tradahal
11. The Battle of Nurn Hirnbahel
12. My World End Here
Total Time
March 12, 2019
Additional Details
This album is articulated around different stories, characters or places out of my imagination, evolving in different times and different environments. The composition of this album began in December 2018, with the song "Mother of all Tears".

Each story can be dissociated from others, and be interpreted differently than mine. The goal is to immerse oneself in an atmosphere and a feeling in order to bring out complementarity or opposition.

The artwork is a work of Alexander Nasmyth dating from 1816. "A View of Tantallon Castle" is a work that I find particularly strong because it allows this personal interpretation of events.

Software used : GP5, FLStudio 11
Gear used : Keystation Mini 32, ESP LTD Ex-50
May 4, 2019
March 12, 2019
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