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Wraithguard - Knave Ii

Knave Ii
Knave Ii
1. Tunnel, Stairs, Tunnel, Stairs
2. Knave Forsaken
3. Encounter // Escape // Ambush
4. The Prophecy Reawakens
5. Revival
6. The Way Revealed
7. Laboratory of Dark Obscenities
8. The Final Battle
9. A Farewell to Knavish Ways
Total Time
February 7, 2019
Additional Details
The story continues on to its final chapters; we rejoin the knave in his quest to find and defeat the dark wizard as mandated by prophecy. The hero has journeyed to the cursed mountain in which the wizard resides, only to find himself lost in a seemingly endless labyrinth.

cover art - "Landscape in the Moonlight" attributed to Yogetsu (public domain)
February 7, 2019
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