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World Untouched By Mankind - The Forests Are Old With Grief

The Forests Are Old With Grief
The Forests Are Old With Grief
1. The Forests Are Old With Grief
2. Beneath The Great Oak
3. The Earth Shall Be My Grave
4. Cold Caverns Of Time
5. Those Who Watched As The World Fell Silent
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May 29, 2018
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“The Forests Are Old With Grief” is a brooding, sorrowful work of dark ambient dungeon synth conceived by sole creative force Night, also known for conjuring the hazy ambient black metal of Procer Veneficus. These five meditations absorb the listener in a vast darkness that could best be described as dissolving into a fog-laden forest at the Pacific coast in the dead of night. Contemplative, mystic, and sad, The Forests Are Old With Grief calls to mind the wide open drones of religious music just as well as it does the most hallowed progenitors of the dungeon synth genre.
Originally recorded over a decade ago (simultaneous with Procer Veneficus’ “Of Starfire and Blackshadows Crawling”), World Untouched By Mankind remained veiled and unheard until it was entirely remastered this year specifically for this special release.

Recommended for listeners of Depressive Silence, Velvet Cacoon, Sacrificial Totem, Vinterriket, etc.
May 29, 2018
Cassette - Pt-08
May 29, 2018
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