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Wooden Vessels - Meadowtrek Woods: Life and Ecology

Meadowtrek Woods: Life and Ecology
Meadowtrek Woods: Life and Ecology
1. Shrew
2. Showshoe Hare
3. Chickadee
4. Moth
5. Spruce
6. Winterberry
7. Moss
8. Beech
Total Time
October 6, 2023
Additional Details
A group of venturesome youths found a satchel deep within Meadowtrek Woods. Inside was a weather-worn journal. Immediately intrigued, they began to look through it. Many of the pages were illegible. No author detail could be found. One section contained detailed notes on the plants & animals that inhabit the woods. Another section was filled with observations and personal entries. Enclosed are some excerpts:

Entry 1: Walking through Meadowtrek Woods is an experience unlike any other. It is vast and sprawling, covering a massive portion of northern Dausedmera. The forest is home to much biodiversity. Commonly traveled parts of the forest have been tamed by human hands over hundreds, perhaps thousands, of years. The footpath is well established to the point of it being a central road connecting the port to other parts of the realm. Sunlight filters downward through the lush canopy providing the right balance of light and shade so as to not dehydrate the traveler on their journey. Partway along the path is the merchant lake. Many small stalls are set up year-round. Some temporary, some permanent. People often camp out in the clearing. It is its own small community.

Entry 4: Now a fair distance from the commotion of the main... path, the woods have a tighter hold on things. No doubt occasional explorers like myself wander out here. The telltale signs of civilization are nearly absent. The canopy is more full. The undergrowth is thick, save for a few scattered trails that are nearly overgrown. And the sound. So many creatures are seemingly speaking over each other. It is at once comforting and deafening. The creatures themselves, it seems, are rather elusive. It is incredible that these invisible beasts can produce such a din.

Entry 5: Further still the unruly nature of the woods is steadily increasing. In the distance lights dance between the trees. Bobbing up and down from the bushes. Their rhythm is almost hypnotic, enticing me to seek out the source. This is a species not yet documented in any of the tomes I have read in preparation for this outing. From here they appear to be large flying insects of some sort. Or perhaps a species of bird or bat that draws their prey in with lights. Many are the birds that eat moths and their ilk. Though it is darker here it does not seem to be dark enough to warrant bioluminescence.

Entry 9: My inquisitive nature has gotten the better of me it seems. Night has descended and I fear I must make camp out here in the thicket. Earlier I had the presence of mind to start a small fire in case this scenario unfolded. Curiously, the dancing lights have all but disappeared. One would think that night time would be the most opportune time for them to find their prey. Perhaps I will be able to find them in the morning. I do not know how to describe it, but it feels as if thousands of eyes are staring back at me from the darkness. Every rustle, every snapped twig only serves to heighten my growing panic. Are these the creatures I was hearing earlier? The cacophony has faded away. The forest is substantially quieter. Could it be the source of the noise is now gazing from the shadows? If this is to be my end, then grant me one last wish: that this journal and its contents be submitted to the Tower for publication. It would be a shame for my research to be forgotten.

This album was created as part of the Southward Equinox Dungeon Rush with the following criteria:

- 14 days (Sep 22 - Oct 6)

- 8 songs (2d4 + 1)

- 15-35 minute album length (3d20)

- 6 instruments/patches + field recordings

- incorporate field recordings

- have a Forest Synth aestheticmore

released October 6, 2023

Logo by blackupheaval


Field recordings:






All music by Aveline Baudelaire

Genre: Dungeon Synth, Forest Synth


October 6, 2023
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