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Wooden Vessels - Live from the Three Horses Inn

Live from the Three Horses Inn
Live from the Three Horses Inn
1. Tale of Kingdoms
2. Tale of Prophecy
3. Tale of Graves
4. Tale of Myth
5. Tale of Sorcery
6. Tale of Dance
7. Tale of Frost
8. Tale of Heroes
9. Tale of Swords (bonus track)
Total Time
April 5, 2024
Additional Details
In the heart of the castle's business district nestled among the winding streets and shadowy alleyways stands the Three Horses Inn. It's a raucous hangout for weary travelers and locals alike. Its well-maintained sign swings gently in the evening breeze, announcing its presence with a slight squeak. This evening the tavern is bustling with activity as patrons gather around the tables, excited for the upcoming performance.

A troupe of musicians is going to unveil their latest work tonight. Their instruments are on the stage, ready to be played. There is a flute, some hand drums, and stringed instruments of various sizes. By the look of things the troupe consists of about five or six members. No one knows which of the inn's patrons are part of the band, but there are some bets going about who might be one of the performers. You place a few bets of your own, hoping to make some money. Rumor has it that the tall, thin gentleman with the big feather in his hat and the sort of mysterious lady in the corner are part of the troupe. You decide to roll with the odds and put your money on them.

While most of the inn's guests are engaging in evening revelry, there might also be more sinister activities taking place. In the midst of the festivities you have been noticing a few *very* normal looking people who have been trying to act as unsuspicious as possible. However, you can't help but notice their darting eyes and the small packages discretely changing hands. Despite this shady behavior they don't appear to be a threat...at least for now.

Someone walks onto the stage in the middle of the room and announces the musical act. The crowd is noticeably quieter now - perhaps in anticipation of the music, perhaps to see if they won big or lost hard with their wagers. The man with the big feather in his hat walks onto the stage alongside four other people. The mysterious lady isn't one of them. Oh well. You end up more or less breaking even with your wagers.

The man in the feather hat appears to be the band leader. He thanks everyone for being there. The crowd becomes even quieter. You settle back into your booth, sip your drink, and listen as the music starts...

This album was created as part of the March Equinox Dungeon Rush with the following criteria:
- 14 days (Mar 19 - Apr 2)
- 9 songs (2d6)
- 23-27 minute album length (3d20)
- 5 instruments/patches (2d4 + 1)
- the theme is a LIVE performance
- the performance is at a randomly generated pub: watabou.itch.io/tiny-pubs
- the pub must be incorporated into the album art

Logo by blackupheaval

All music & sounds by Aveline Baudelaire

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Genre: Dungeon Synth, Medieval Ambient
Spotify: open.spotify.com/album/5cOb1CG7B3Xqbb5LjAEBZp
April 5, 2024
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June 5, 2024
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