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Wooded Memory - Once...

1. Enchanted
2. Into a Lonely Wood
3. Waiting for Never
4. A Clearing
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March 3, 2019
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No sunlight in weeks. Candlelight can be seen through the cracks in the ceiling but it is fleeting. Gone in a flash and replaced with darkness. This oubliette, my damp prison is all I know now. Hunger pains and death loom over me as manacles bind my wrists. There is no comfort here, just stone and steel; shaped by the cruel hands of man. I can hear the rats, I know their scurried footsteps. I know what they wait for.

I close my eyes. I dream of a place far from here. Past the crowded streets, past the tilled fields, past the raging northern river. A wooded expanse, a tranquil thicket teeming with life. Dusk comes and everything is bathed in starlight. The sound of steady rain and the susurrus of insect song float through the air. I am not home, but I am close. My feet know this mossy soil, my hands know this birch-bark.

With my eyes still closed and my wrists still bound all I can do is remember.

“Once...” is the debut EP from Maryland DS project, Wooded Memory. Romantic passages slowly unfold here, hypnotically lulling the listener into each song. “Once…” is journeying music, a deliberate tromp through fantastic landscapes. With elements of traditional DS and forest ambient, Wooded Memory have established themselves as an artist to follow in the continually growing world of Dungeon Synth.
April 5, 2019
March 3, 2019
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