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Wizzard - The Cauldron Descent

The Cauldron Descent
The Cauldron Descent
1. The Mountain
2. Onwards
3. The Tower
4. The Summit
5. The Descent I
6. The Descent II
Total Time
October 29, 2018
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"First, he came to THE MOUNTAIN, where only the most adventurous of scholars dare to travel. ONWARDS, traversing the dangerous mountain walls of black stone he suddenly stood before THE TOWER, a monolith in the midst of the gloomy shadows of the overlooking ridge. With no path but the one through the monolith, the horrors suddenly began. There was an evil presence in the tower and the air was thick with dread. After what felt like hours and thousands of stairs he finally reached THE SUMMIT. He felt the now nauseating presence from the tower again. Something seized control of him and the last thing he remembered was the wretched fumes of the ever boiling cauldron on the summit.

Then came... THE DESCENT I/II"

Art, spells and conjurations by WIZZARD
October 29, 2018
Cassette - Hm038
July 1, 2018
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