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Witch Horde - Paranormal Dungeon (Lore I)

Paranormal Dungeon (Lore I)
Paranormal Dungeon (Lore I)
1. Ancestral Entrance A Ghost Form
2. Decipher
3. Mirror
4. Dwarven Sorrow
5. Friendly Ghost Played Me A Song
6. Spooky Barrel
7. Ritual
8. Warm Corridor
9. Final Rest
10. Inbetween Realms
Total Time
February 19, 2019
Additional Details
My first dungeon synth full length, I experienced a journey creating this and listening to the finished music. I hope you experience your own journey while this album delves into a paranormal dungeon!

Okmyium ov Witch Horde og Dydruzel
February 19, 2019
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October 30, 2019
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