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Witch Horde - Linyái En Syanázi Aeythin Arzaphu (Split)

Linyái En Syanázi Aeythin Arzaphu (Split)
Linyái En Syanázi Aeythin Arzaphu (Split)
1. Witch Horde - Flowing Through the Gates of Time
2. Witch Horde - Bindings of a Rogue
3. Witch Horde - Stargazed Merchant
4. Witch Horde - Amidst War Lands
5. Witch Horde - Lost MageCraft
6. Caverns of Crystal - Through the River of Eternal Mist
7. Caverns of Crystal - Golden Stars Above Cuiviénen
8. Caverns of Crystal - Walking the Forest of Joy
9. Caverns of Crystal - The Eastern Hillgraves
Total Time
April 8, 2016
Additional Details
A split that I was honored to do with the great Emperor Ahsoka of Caverns of Crystal and Inyarakh. This was released released on April 8 2019 in honor and memory of Per Yngve "Dead" Ohlin. Who killed himself on April 8 1991. Enjoy the tracks laid out in his honor. A Swedish godfather of Black Metal and more. His work will remain forever as will this in his honor.

Enjoy the halls of Valhalla! Rejoice in you new home! Dead you are forever remembered!

Witch Horde - Okmyium

Caverns of Crystal - Emperor Ahsoka
April 8, 2016
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