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Winterblood - Musica Di Mezzanotte

Musica Di Mezzanotte
Musica Di Mezzanotte
1. Il grande buio - parte I
2. Il grande buio - parte II
3. Destino misterioso
4. Alberi secolari
5. Perso nel vento
6. Veglia solitaria
7. Fluttuando
8. Cera
9. Candelabri
10. Abbandono fantastico
Total Time
January 1, 2019
Additional Details
'Musica di Mezzanotte', is a concept focused on the rĂªverie, the contemplation of the fire, specially a candlelight; a journey through the rooms where the reader dreams, stares at the window, waiting for nothing. A dreamscape worth to be reached, to never come back.

Most of the music performed on Analog Paraphonic Synthesizer 'Nyx'. Nyx is also the Greek goddess (or personification) of the night...

24-bit resolution.

Artwork by Sebastian Forray
January 1, 2019
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