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Winter Melancholy - Flashes Of Darkness

Flashes Of Darkness
Flashes Of Darkness
1. Winter Melancholy - Abandoned in the Nowhere
2. Winter Melancholy - Night Loneliness
3. Winter Melancholy - Silent Snowy Peak
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September 7, 2019
Additional Details
Cat#: SFN126
Artist: Winter Melancholy
Album: Flashes of Darkness EP

Winter Synth project from Italy! WINTER MELANCHOLY was born in late 2016 as a Mørkp's personal project with themes related to Nature and sad feelings connected to loneliness and misanthropy; so, each song evokes leaden and melancholic atmospheres.

Track 1 from the album "A Light in the Darkness" (2018)
Track 2 from the album "Night Loneliness" (2018)
Track 3 from the album "Northern Landscapes" (2018)
September 7, 2019
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