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Vindkaldr - Discography Box Set

Discography Box Set
Discography Box Set
1. Moon Snatcher
2. Forest Mist
3. Embers Of Burning Light
4. The Fairy That Disappeared
5. The Lonely Steed
6. Dance Of The Elves
7. Fortress Of Imprisonment
8. Weeping At Stars
9. Hibernation In Winter Castle
10. Golden Reaching Roots
11. Swords Of Saxonland
12. Rainforest Alchemy
13. Beneath Belfry Tower
14. Wizard's Spell Of Transformation
15. Unknown Spirit
16. Silver Halls In Dark Lands
17. Deception Under Moon Shadow
18. In Solitude Until The End Of Time
19. Vigdis Sorrow
20. Demonic Nature Eternal
21. The Barring Of Celestial Gates
22. Exile In Mist And Marshland
23. The Night Seizeth, The Night Hath Restoreth
24. Gleaming Multiplicities In Silver Daggers
25. Shadow Ascending
26. Behold The Dancing Aurora Of Pestilence
Total Time
November 30, 2019
Additional Details
Box set release of Vindkaldr’s two masterpiece dark ambient/dungeon synth recordings ‘Ambient I’ & ‘Enchantments of Old Lore’. Both albums will be made available on PRO-MC alongside the third, yet to be released work in the trilogy, ‘Miscreantic Mysteries & Invocations’. Comes in printed 3-tape slipcase.

Includes three Vindkaldr albums on pro cassette:
BE002A – Ambient I
BE002B – Enchantments Of Old Lore
BE002C – Miscreantic Mysteries And Invocations

Full colour J-cards, download codes, printed shells and norelco cases.
Cassette (3X) - Am-0058 / Be002 / Frmc001
November 30, 2019
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