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Thoth - Yearning For A Dark Planet

Yearning For A Dark Planet
Yearning For A Dark Planet
1. Vortex Skies (Of Black)
2. Into This Mystic Night With Much Purpose
3. Yearning For A Dark Planet
4. To Embrace The Darkness And Triumph
5. Traversing Abyssic Caverns
6. Nocturnal Landscape
7. Inner Dark
8. Waking Dreams
9. Hymn To The Arcane
10. Ensorcelling Clouds Over Woodland
11. The Restoration Ritual
12. Candlelit Source Of Magic
13. Cave Of Splendor
14. Descend Into Blackened Catacombs
Total Time
September 25, 2018
Additional Details
Compilation of Thoth’s first five demos on one pro-tape. Limited to 50 copies. Came with patch and pin.
Cassette - Am-0023
September 25, 2018
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