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Tarkin Turfer - Old Finnbar Furrowbrow

Old Finnbar Furrowbrow
Old Finnbar Furrowbrow
1. A Svirfneblin is Born
2. The Way of the Magician
3. Bolts of Energy
4. Old Finnbar Furrowbrow
5. Finnbar's Fae Familiar Poloawonedar
6. Finnbar and Poloawonedar's Vast Trek Across the Doleful Desert to the Turquoise Temple
7. The Staff of the Underworld
8. Scrying at the Festering Pools
9. Old Finnbar Furrowbrow Tames the Shadow Spirits
10. Shadow Visions
11. Old Finnbar Furrowbrow Initiates Firble Schnicktik
12. Finnbar and Firble Vanquish the Driders of Lolth
Total Time
May 20, 2019
Additional Details
Music by Jon Dexter
Mastered by Richard Luke
Cover Art by Bard Argol
Tarkin Turfer logo by dancapp.com
Special thanks to Oli Smith, Sean O'Kane Connolly, Shaun Boyle & Skaventhrone
June 6, 2019
June 6, 2019
May 20, 2019
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