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Arcane \ Mundane
Arcane \ Mundane
1. Arcane - A Day’s March Through the Ancient Elven Wood
2. Arcane - Jebrin’s Ride Home
3. Arcane - The Forges of Sokol Keep (featuring Khand)
4. Arcane - Adrift Between Worlds (Phranick featuring Mors Certa)
5. Mundane - Moon Sphere of the Dancing Court
6. Mundane - Return from Dragonspear
7. Arcane - Lansharra’s Leavetaking
Total Time
September 12, 2019
Additional Details
This is an album comprised of a selection of songs we are writing for our upcoming full length, as well as a couple of collaboration tracks featuring Mors Certa and Khand. All proceeds go towards funding the Sombre Arcane "In Search of Adventure" tour taking place in the United States November 1st-15th.

Side Arcane is comprised of two early takes of songs that will appear on our full length, as well as two collaboration tracks featuring Fortuna (of Mors Certa) and Khand.

Side Mundane is comprised of three acoustic versions of songs that will appear on our full length.
November 1, 2019
September 12, 2019
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