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Ravenkeeper - The Wanderer Of The North (Ravenkeeper Ii)

The Wanderer Of The North (Ravenkeeper Ii)
The Wanderer Of The North (Ravenkeeper Ii)
1. Returning to a lost, forgotten story
2. Brött leið um fjallið
3. Trolls undir máttugra tré
4. Fegurð náttúrunnar
5. The Wanderer
6. Song for The Ravens
7. The Queen of Nature
8. The Old Gods
9. The Dark Gods
10. The Portal
11. Return to the Other-world
12. Leoric & The Black Legion
13. The Ancient One
14. The Dark Tower of Sorcery
15. Rain & Thunder
16. A Shadow Falls
17. Dreams
18. Hvefra
19. Aftur á The Great Northern Mountains
20. Ballad af Rómantík
21. A Hymn to my lost forgotten dreams, of another world another time... (A tribute to Erang)
22. The Night Skies sing me to sleep (Another Journey Begins)
Total Time
October 31, 2017
Additional Details
Story: The Title "Wanderer Of The North" is directly related to the Ravenkeeper, he resides in the Great Northern Mountains (the picture of the first RK album). The title of "Ravenkeeper" has many meanings, one of which is; Wanderer. Therefore, the title of the album. The story of this album continues with the "Ravenkeeper LORE" main story, which is completely created by my imagination. The story of this album is about my character, the Ravenkeeper, who is close to being classified as a half-God because of his powers that he has, the Ravenkeeper is a brilliant mage, alchemist, sword-man, Smith, and much more. His duty in the Ravenkeeper LORE stories is to protect his universe from danger. In this album, you will learn more in-depth about the Ravenkeeper LORE main story and about Ravenkeeper as a character, as he wanders through the misty mountains and travels through his world to find answers to defeating the Skeleton King, Leoric. This album will be a continuation of the first Ravenkeeper album, continuing the Ravenkeeper story.
With this album - I attempted to merge my imagination, with the Ravenkeeper story, ambiance, and dungeon synth. Along with guitar, folk instruments, and much more...

All ( except track 5) music written, recorded, produced & released by RAVENKEEPER
Some characters in this album mentioned were made by Blizzard Entertainment, I do not own a copyright to the characters' name(s).
Album art creator: unknown
Album art edited by: RAVENKEEPER
Some tracks on this album include royalty-free sound effects.
Certain tracks on this album are in Icelandic.
(On Track 5, the bagpipes are royalty-free use, as are the drums)
October 31, 2017
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