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Ravenkeeper - The Growing Despair And The Void That Follows

The Growing Despair And The Void That Follows
The Growing Despair And The Void That Follows
1. The Growing Despair
2. My Haunting
3. Black Mountain Worship
4. Into The Bleak
5. The Arrival of Ancient King
6. Necromantic Resurrection of Leoric
7. A Hymn of Fallen Tears
8. Ghost That Lay With Me
9. And The Void That Follows
Total Time
June 11, 2019
Additional Details
After one year since my album "Glýphein" was released, I have returned with my fifth full-length titled "The Growing Despair and The Void That Follows". The main basis of this album is to leave a haunting and dark remnant on the listener, yet aswell peace and wisdom. This is without a doubt my most personal album to date and it stands out as being the most imaginative, story-telling and epic release of mine.

This album is 100% dedicated to my brother Alex, we're going to miss you, my friend. May the sun and wind greet you wherever you go.
All synthesizer performed by LEORIC.
All vocals, electric guitar, bass, and drums are performed by LEORIC
All music written, created, performed, edited, and released by RAVENKEEPER
© RAVENKEEPER. All rights reserved.
June 11, 2019
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