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Ravenkeeper - Ambient Iii

Ambient Iii
Ambient Iii
1. Sunken Dreams
2. The Phantom Ship
3. A Creak In The Wood
4. Icy Waves and Frozen Sunlight
5. Serpent Of The Seas
6. Isle Of Sunken Ships
Total Time
November 24, 2018
Additional Details
The third installment of my "Ambient" series full of royalty-free ambiance and instruments. The goal of my series' is to express the power of imagination through sounds and song titles - hence the name of the series. Continuing from my second Ambient EP, this installment is continuing the dark and haunting ambiance you've heard previously. Now, relax & enjoy; Ambient III.
"Join the Crew of the "Morgia" - sailing across the Northern Sea towards Norway as you station yourself on a island half-way to your destination, you encounter a series of mysterious events; fog that blacks out the sun, the echos of screams coming from the water below, a strange phantom ship and the mysterious disappearance of the rest of your crew."

All ambiance is royalty-free.
This EP was created, edited and released by RAVENKEEPER
November 24, 2018
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