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Ravenkeeper - Ambient Ii

Ambient Ii
Ambient Ii
1. I mitt av Transylvania
2. Galanden bland träden
3. Den midnatta månen
4. Mörker & förkylning
5. Begravning för döda
6. [bonus] The Legend Lives Forever
Total Time
April 8, 2018
Additional Details
The second installment of my "Ambient" series, with the support of the first Ambient EP I knew I had to release yet another. Like before, this EP contains royalty-free ambiance to suit your needs whether it is for a D&D campaign, to help you sleep, or even to help immerse yourself on a walk in the forest. This EP is much darker and haunting then my first Ambient EP, this is also dedicated to Pelle Yngve Ohlin, who on this day 27 years ago took his own life.
"A tribute to DEAD, died by his own hands April 1991"

A majority of the ambiance you here is royalty-free
Track 6 includes vocal clips from "Live in Leipzig", as well as guitar covers from "De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas"
All track titles (except track 6) are in Swedish
Guitar (track 6) performed by RAVENKEEPER
Synthesizer performed by RAVENKEEPER
This EP was created, edited, and released by RAVENKEEPER
Album picture was taken/edited by RAVENKEEPER
April 8, 2018
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