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Рабо́р (Rabor) - За Тридевять Земель

За Тридевять Земель
За Тридевять Земель
1. Присказка
2. Поросли Травой Дороги...
3. У Лесной Избушки
4. Камень на Распутье
5. Дорогой на Калинов Мост
6. За Рекой Смородиной
7. Гуси-Лебеди
8. Сказание о Граде Китеж
9. Светлый Яр
10. В Гостях у Морского Царя
11. За Тридевять Земель
12. На Посошок
Total Time
October 29, 2016
Additional Details
This album sends us to a journey through the most mysterious and magic places of Russian folk tales. We will meet with the mysterious inhabitant of a forest hut, which will show us the way to Kalinov Bridge across the river Smorodina. Look at the Svetloyar lake in search of the invisible town Kitezh. We will dance with Sadko in the underwater Palace of the Sea tsar. And in the end of the journey we will look back to remember all those amazing miracles that happened to us in an unknown country Far away...

The album used guitars and Russian folk instruments.

Special thanks to:
Viktoria Mokina-Bazankova (www.facebook.com/viktoria.mokinabazankova)
Anton (raevjager.bandcamp.com)
Mrak (flecktarnproductions.bandcamp.com)
Evgeny (theoroth.bandcamp.com)
Svetlana (www.facebook.com/listorez) for art
...and many others...

Limited to 66 hand numbered copies with 4 panel pro printed full color j-card and full color tape label.
Track B11 is misspelled on the j-card as "а Тридевять Земель".

Strictly limited jewel case with HQ color prints on glossy paper. Special full black CD in vinyl imitation.
There is a version of the release with the following mistake - Track three ("У Лесной Избушки") is missing, therefore track 2 is twice on the release. Unclear how many copies affected.
Cd - Odr009
April 17, 2017
Cassette - Oos32, Ulv1319
April 5, 2017
October 29, 2016
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