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Рабо́р (Rabor) - Сказки Зимней Ночи (Winternight Fairytales)

Сказки Зимней Ночи (Winternight Fairytales)
Сказки Зимней Ночи (Winternight Fairytales)
1. Рабор - Полночь (Midnight)
2. Рабор - Снежный Путь (Snow Way)
3. Рабор - Рождественский Гимн (Being a Ghost Story of Christmas)
4. RævJäger - Путешествие Голубой Стрелы (Blue Arrow's Journey)
5. RævJäger - Щелкунчик (The Nutcracker)
6. RævJäger - В Чертогах Снежной Королевы (In the Halls of the Snow Queen)
7. Рабор - Ледовое Побоище (Battles on Ice, Mortiis cover) - Bonus track
Total Time
January 1, 2017
Additional Details
Split Release with RævJäger

Christmas time is the most magical time of the year. It is a fact that does not depend of the person, or his religion or his philosophy. This magic has inspired many writers to create wonders on paper. We took a bit of that magic and turned it into music.
January 1, 2017
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