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Рабо́р (Rabor) - Корни (Roots)

Корни (Roots)
Корни (Roots)
1. Порою сжатых хлебов / Sometimes Squeezed Bread
2. Cсыпчина / Loose powder
3. Ключ-замок / Key Lock
4. Первозимье / First Winter
5. Рябиновая ночь / Mountain ash night
6. До вечерней звезды / Until the Evening Star
7. Нехожеными тропами / Unwalled Trails
8. На макушке северного лета / On the Top of North Summer
9. О кладах (по Н. К. Рериху) / About Treasures (according to N.K. Roerich)
Total Time
November 15, 2018
Additional Details
At the end of autumn, we are pleased to present you a new album. On it you can hear the rustle of ears, and the noise of the many-voiced fair, and the whisper of conspiracies. Singing rain and howling blizzards will tell about distant shores, and secret treasures will beckon with wandering stars and lights in the swamps.

Have a nice listening!

Evgeny Novikov - all tools, programming, voice
Anton Chudetsky - voice (9)

Music - Evgeny Novikov
Words - folk (3), N.K. Roerich (9)

Mixing, mastering - Evgeny Novikov, Alexander Anokhin
Cover and design - Alexander Anokhin
Logo design - Marina Anokhina

The recording used fragments of the folk song "From the gate, gate to the street ...", recorded in the village of Ramene Tarnogsky district of the Vologda region.
November 15, 2018
Cd - Tod52, Shum16
November 15, 2018
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