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Pumpkin Witch - Limited Edition “Pumpkin Pail” Box Set

Limited Edition “Pumpkin Pail” Box Set
Limited Edition “Pumpkin Pail” Box Set
1. Coven Of The Cemetery
2. Night Falls On The Hovel Of The Pumpkin Witch
3. Monstrous Gourd Abomination
4. Exaltation Of Crypt Phantoms
5. The Patchwork Monster
6. Wrath Of The Skeleton King
7. Cruel Spell Of The Pumpkin Witch
8. Dawn Breaks Over The Pumpkin Patch
9. Summoning Ritual Of The Pumpkin Witch
10. Ghastly Whispers From Beyond
11. Terror From The Funereal Fog
12. Fiendish Grave Robbers
13. Hunted By Three Dark Figures
14. Kill Thrill
15. Swamp Of Nightmares
16. In The Frightful Gaze Of The Pumpkin Witch
17. Dissipation Of Evil Magic
18. A Night Of Fright For The Panicked Townspeople
19. A Dark October
20. Midnight Witch Hunt
21. Full Moon In The Midst
22. March Of The Undead
23. Banshee Bash
24. Final Strike Of The Pumpkin Witch
25. Ghastly Gambol Of Ghosts And Ghouls
26. Chased By The Shadows Of Autumn
27. Final Journey Into The Witch's Wood
28. The Shape In The Darkness
29. Ghosts In The Yard
30. Untitled
31. Untitled
Total Time
October 31, 2020
Additional Details
Limited Edition Box Set comes with: Contents include:

Pumpkin Pail
7-inch (Transparent Orange vinyl) 45rpm record with 2 NEW Pumpkin Witch tracks (untitled) (tracks 30, 31)
Hovel of the Pumpkin Witch cassette (tracks 1-8)
In the Frightful Gaze of the Pumpkin Witch cassette (tracks 9-17)
Final Strike of the Pumpkin Witch cassette (tracks 18-29)
Pumpkin Witch logo patch
20-page numbered booklet
October 31, 2020
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