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Precious - He Has Abandoned Us

He Has Abandoned Us
He Has Abandoned Us
1. The Plague Has Taken My Family // Funeral Mass
2. Take Away The Pain My Lord, I Devote Myself To Thee // Ruined Temple In The Hills
3. I Pray, I Fast, I Await Your Guidance // Months Of Isolation
4. Their Voices Echo In The Empty Hall // Melancholic Memories
5. I Shed My Blood For You, Lord, I Beg Of You // Self Flagellation
6. He Has Abandoned Us
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February 20, 2018
Additional Details
This album follows the story of a man who has lost his Wife and Daughter to the plague. After burying their bodies, he is so overcome by grief that he seeks to hang himself in the forested hills. While wandering the hills, he comes across a centuries old, overgrown temple. He is so struck by its beauty, and sees this as a sign that God will give him guidance through his suffering, and bring new meaning into his empty life.

He begins to live in the temple, and live off the land. He completely devotes himself to the religious discipline of the Christian texts he has found in the temple. He spends days on end praying continuously, he fasts for weeks, he completely cuts himself off from the outside world. After months and months of isolation, the thoughts of the love of his life and baby daughter are still tearing his soul apart. Their faces appear on the holy books, the broken stain glass windows, every wall and floor. Their voices echo through the halls. Their scent is carried by the breeze. Every single moment is agony. He only wants to be with them again.

He begins to beg God, even curse him. He rips the flesh from his face, pulls out his hair, beats his legs with rocks, whips his back with leather from his holy books, desperately hoping that God will notice, and listen to his pathetic pleas for help. He disfigures himself for months.

God never answers him.

He sits in his temple, and wanders the hills, a hideous monster, sobbing and rambling scripture incoherently. Haunted by the ghosts of his wife and child, and mocked by the God that abandoned him.

If the night is quiet, you can hear his wails of pain.
February 20, 2018
February 20, 2018
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