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Pazuzu - And All Was Silent...

And All Was Silent...
And All Was Silent...
1. Prologue
2. And All Was Silent
3. Incantation of the Firegod
4. La baronesse et le dèmon
5. Baptism of Infant Flesh
6. The Urilia Abominaton
7. The Churning Seas of Absu
8. Beneath the Bowels of the Earth
9. Ask My Dying Soul
10. The Crusades
11. Der Mond ward der Erde neue Sonne
12. Invocation of the Ninib Gate
13. Forgotten Scrolls
14. Epilogue
Total Time
June 1, 1994
Additional Details
Recorded and mixed at Beowulf Studios, Vienna.
June 1, 1994
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