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Örnatorpet - Blodbad Och Efterspel

Blodbad Och Efterspel
Blodbad Och Efterspel
1. Åsunden, 1520
2. Den Danske Kungen
3. Stockholms Blodbad
4. Färden Till Dalarna
5. Den Nye Hövitsmannen
6. Svea Livgarde
7. Resningen Mot Kristian Tyrann
8. Malmö Recess (Bonus Track)
9. Det Fria Riket
Total Time
May 15, 2018
Additional Details
In the 1500's, Christian II became the last Danish king who succeeded in crowning King of Sweden. He has repeatedly attempted to win the Swedish throne with sword in hand. On new year 1520 he crosses the Halland border into Västergötland with a worthy army and marches north. Since Sweden's leader at this time, the governor Sten Sture the younger, died in the suites from injuries he received in "The Battle of Åsundens Ice", the peasant armies stand without a given leader.

In September 1520, the castle of Stockholm is forced to surrender, after which Christian II is elected Swedish king. Two months later, he arranges "Stockholm's Bloodbath". The Swedes who had previously resisted Denmark are executed, although Christian solemnly promised amnesty for all those who turned to him.

The new regime takes notice of a rumor that a young nobleman named Gustav Eriksson Vasa has escaped from his captivity in Denmark and calls for rebellion in Sweden's Dalarna.

These rumors give rise to one of the first battle actions against the new regime. Christian's government sends a squad of about 100 men up to Dalarna to capture the suspected troublemaker Vasa. In Rättvik, they are attacked by armed peasants. The Danish riders try to make a defense, but the upright and numerically superior peasants... more

All composition, mixing, mastering and layout design by Örnatorpet.
The artwork used for this album cover is from a painting by an unknown artist, depicting the triumphs of Gustav Vasa in the 1500's.
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