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Orcus - Altar of Necropolis

Altar of Necropolis
Altar of Necropolis
1. The Party Gathers
2. Goblin Hunt
3. Low Level Dungeon Crawl
4. The Open Planes
5. Traversing the Catacombs
6. Altar of Necropolis
7. Long Rest
Total Time
May 14, 2020
Additional Details
The rusted portcullis slowly begins rise, the ground beneath you rumbles as layers of dust fall from the crevasse into which it ascends. It opens to reveal an almost pitch black chamber, the light from the outside dimly lights the immediate entrance, you see a smooth stone floor covered with a dense layer of dust.

As you illuminate the torches either side of a large stone door at the chambers end, the immensity of this long forgotten structure becomes clear, the walls climb to a point beyond the torch light into total darkness. The door is covered in ancient carvings, figures that appear to be screaming in pain rise from the base of the ancient stonework, as they rise in a serpentine like form, the faces become more akin to a grimace the higher they rise, until eventually the many faces don a menacing smile.

Fear and trepidation consume you, as you take your first steps toward the Necromancers Lair.

released May 14, 2020

Composed and Produced by ORCUS

Album photography by tradskagg

May 14, 2020
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