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Oldenhelm - Long Lost Relics Of Power

Long Lost Relics Of Power
Long Lost Relics Of Power
1. Armaments of Valor (Intro)
2. Spells of Aeonian Starlight
3. Wandering in a Wizard's Dream
Total Time
July 3, 2016
Additional Details
The 'Long Lost Relics Of Power' demo is compromised of three songs that did not fit on the upcoming Oldenhelm EP 'Ruins and Reverence'.

Relics of power, relics of eld
Of radiant light and conjurer's spell
Through cosmic gates in lands afar
Wielding the essence of fire and star.
Relics of power, relics of old
In wizard's dreams was your legend foretold
In hidden caverns your treasure rests deep
Where shadows lie and goblins sleep.

All musical conjurations, skaldic verses, and legends by Shadowcloak.
Cassette ‎– Ulv1174
July 3, 2016
July 3, 2016
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