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Lux Viridis - Lords and Ashes

Lords and Ashes
Lords and Ashes
1. Dusty Bones
2. Crafted Axe
3. Lord Ödelagt
4. Tomb of Ö
5. The Chant of Wisdom
6. Emerald Key
7. Tale of the Worlds Traveler
8. Mystery of The Dark Alchemy
9. Thief and the Knight
10. The Age of Adventure
Total Time
August 22, 2017
Additional Details
Inspired by Utred, Forgotten Pathways and RævJäger.

All music by Ödelagt

The Ancient Meadow Records cassette edition includes the bonus tracks "Stairways" and "Lux Viridis".
Cassette - Am-0002
October 12, 2017
Self Released
August 22, 2017
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