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Kasjchq - Picjqnsi

1. The Bridge of Worlds
2. Multiple Path Junction
3. Peak of Frost
4. 4 h8
5. Let's Start a War (If a War Doesn't Reach Here Soon)
6. The Present and the Eternal
7. How Came Disharmony Against This Beauty
8. When Hate Becomes Unstoppable
9. Portal
10. The Horror
Total Time
May 24, 2024
Additional Details
A portal between worlds.
Forced transformation by a series of unpleasant trials.

Written dialectal variations of the name:
- Pɪkju̥kʰə̥nsiː (Ooranian)
- Pikjukunsiː (Kniphish)
- Pikjukænsi (South Ooranian, Joponphoinian, Airnan)
- Picjkaonsi (Inqkranian, South-East Phoinian)
- Picjqnsi (General Pichanian, Kanian, Saiqkian, Xoosqsian)
- Piqjoqonsi (Aqooadhian)
- Poqjooqonsai (Far South Aqooadhian)

The download of the album additionally includes an alternative image of the portal (when it opens) and the complete version of the cover art.

released May 24, 2024

All programming, instruments, and vocals by Solarweave.

Cover artwork and bonus image by Lithine Beshanment.

Track 6 was previously released in SODA6 compilation:

Track 3 was previously released in SODA7 compilation:

Hails to:
Daniel / Mystic Arts Productions
Eli / Anser / Umbra Vulgaris
Juan / Dissordawtisms
Hermat el Rey Zorro
An Old Sad Ghost
and special mention to Lithine / Moonolith for the amazing artwork.
May 24, 2024
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